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FILESRV File Server Sample Application

Use this Dispatcher application to serve any type of file available to the Dispatcher SAS session. This application requires FILESRV, one of the SAS/Intrnet Utility Tools provided by SAS Institute. Select a catalog entry and click the Serve File button to return that entry to the browser.

Catalog Entries

Select the catalog entry to serve.

Catalog Entry
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External Files

FILESRV can also serve external files. The following example lets you serve any file on the server system.

Note: The default FILESRV authorization dataset (SASHELP.FSAUTH) does not allow any external files to be served for security reasons. You must add one or more external path entries to the dataset for this part of the sample to work. See the FILESRV documentation under Application Utilities in the SAS/IntrNet documentation for more information.

External File
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