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Building an Interactive Map

This sample displays demographic information on a map of Europe. The map includes text pop-ups and drilldown links to detail data. At the bottom of the map are controls to select statistics to display and the type of map to draw.

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The maps are drawn using the GMAP procedure and the map data sets delivered with SAS/GRAPH software. SAS/GRAPH Maps must be installed for this sample to work.

The initial map is drawn as a GIF image. A control at the bottom allows you to select SAS/GRAPH Java or ActiveX controls for rendering the map. The ActiveX control is only supported by Internet Explorer on Windows platforms and must be installed on the client (browser) system. The SAS/GRAPH Control for ActiveX is already installed on your Windows system if you have installed the SAS System. The control may also be downloaded from the SAS Web site or installed from the Client-Side Components CD included with your SAS System. The control package (sasgraph.exe) may also be copied from the Client-Side Components CD to the directory corresponding to http://your-web-server/sasweb/graph on your Web server. Once the package is copied to this directory, any user running this sample from an Internet Explorer browser will be prompted to download and install the control if it is not already installed.

Note: The first time this sample is run a new map data set with the desired projection and density level is created in a temporary server library. This will make the first request significantly slower than additional requests to the same server. In a normal application this map data set would be built statically before the application is deployed to the server and there would be no start-up cost for the first user. This technique was used for this sample to minimize the size of the sample files and simplify installation of the sample.