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htmSQL Data Sources Drill-Down Sample Setup

You must perform the following steps to set up the Data Sources Drill-Down sample.
  1. Use the dsdef utility (in the /sasweb/IntrNet9/tools directory under the Web server root document directory) to define a data source called htmSQL that specifies your SAS/SHARE server. Your dsdef session might look like:
    C:\> dsdef -config C:\InetPub\scripts\htmSQL.dsf (Windows)
    > dsdef -config /<Web-server-root>/cgi-bin/htmSQL.datasrc (UNIX)
    Configure data sources for htmSQL

    Use this program to create or modify the definition of one or more data
    sources for htmSQL.

    A data source specifies exactly one SAS/SHARE server and may also specify
    one or more SAS data libraries or an external DBMS to be accessed through
    the server.

    Data source names can be any length and can contain any character except a
    double quote ("), colon (:), or equals sign (=). They are case-sensitive
    and must be entered in an htmSQL input file exactly as they are defined.

    In the dialog that follows, default or previously specified values are shown
    in square brackets ([]); to accept such a value, press return or enter.
    The only required values in a data source definition are the data source
    name and server name. You can omit all other values by pressing return or
    enter when you are prompted for them.

    When you have finished defining data sources, you can save your changes
    by pressing return or enter at the 'Enter a Data Source Name' prompt.
    You can cancel your changes by entering a 'c' instead.

    Enter a Data Source Name to configure: htmSQL

    Enter information for: htmSQL

    Description: htmSQL samples
    SAS/SHARE server name (host.service): shortname.5002
    Require SAS SQL processor to undo partial updates? (usually NO): [enter]
    DBMS to pass SQL to (omit for SAS data): [enter]
    Options to pass when connecting to DBMS: [enter]

    Enter information for: Server shortname.5002

    SAS/SHARE server host IP name (fully qualified) or address [shortname]:
    Userid for SAS/SHARE server host: [enter]
    Password for specified userid: [enter]
    SAS/SHARE server user access password: [enter]

    Enter a library in data source "htmSQL" to configure: [enter]

    Enter a Data Source Name to configure: [enter]

  2. Edit the htmSQL.cfg file in your cgi-bin or scripts directory. Uncomment the DATASRCFILE directive and verify that it points to the data source file you created above.

  3. Copy the from the /sasweb/IntrNet9/htmSQL/data_sources directory on your Web server to a working directory on your SAS/SHARE server system.

  4. Your htmSQL data source definition (htmSQL.dsf or htmSQL.datasrc) must be visible to or copied to your SAS/SHARE server system. Customize the INFILE statement in the program to point to the htmSQL data source definition file.

  5. Start a SAS session and run the program to create a DATA step view of your htmSQL data source definition file:
    %inc '<your-working-directory>/';

  6. Define the SAS library that contains the new DATA step view to a SAS/SHARE server using the libref htmSQL. You can test this in an interactive SAS session by submitting:
    libname htmSQL '!SASROOT\intrnet\sample'; (Windows)
    libname htmSQL '!SASROOT/samples/intrnet'; (UNIX)
    proc server id=__5002 authenticate=optional;
    where 5002 is the TCP port to be used by the SAS/SHARE server. Be sure that the port you choose is not in use by another application on your system.

  7. Try out the Show Data Sources sample.