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htmSQL Movie Poll Sample Setup

You must perform the following steps to set up the Movie Poll sample.
  1. Copy the from the /sasweb/IntrNet9/htmSQL/movies directory to a working directory on your SAS/SHARE server system. For the following steps we assume the working directory is !SASROOT/intrnet/sample. On UNIX systems you might use !SASROOT/samples/intrnet instead.

  2. Start a SAS session and submit the following statements:
    libname movies '!SASROOT/intrnet/sample';
    %inc '!SASROOT/intrnet/sample/';
    The program will create working data sets for this sample in the directory defined by the LIBNAME statement.

  3. Define the new SAS library to a SAS/SHARE server with a LIBNAME statement like the one above. You can test this in an interactive SAS session by submitting:
    libname movies '!SASROOT/intrnet/sample';
    proc server id=__5002 authenticate=optional;
    where 5002 is the TCP port to be used by the SAS/SHARE server. Be sure that the port you choose is not in use by another application on your system.

  4. Edit the htmSQL input (.hsql) files in the /sasweb/IntrNet9/htmSQL/movies directory, changing the value of server=host.service in the {query} and {update} directives to specify the appropriate host and service name for the SAS/SHARE server you started in the previous step (for example, server=yourserver.5002).

    Also change the address in the mailto: links to send mail to your address in the event of errors.

  5. Try out the Movie Poll sample.