The Xplore sample application demonstrates how you can take your SAS environment into the world of the Web. Using the Application Dispatcher together with our Web technology tools, Xplore can dynamically access a variety of SAS data and file types for reporting, generating graphics, and performing drill-down analysis on the Web.

The Xplore interface consists of two HTML frames. The left frame is a listing of SAS libraries, catalogs, and their members. From the left frame, you can

Note: When you run Xplore from an Internet Explorer 4.0 or later browser, you can expand and collapse library and catalog lists more quickly.

The right frame initially contains the information you are currently reading. As you drill down through the libraries and catalogs in the left frame, the documentation in the right frame is replaced by output or by dialogs that enable you to create tables and graphs from your data or download your data to spreadsheets. The following image is an example of an Xplore dialog.

Sample Xplore window